Project Description

Barrelled Water Portable Series Pump

Main Applications:

This product can be directly installed in barreled mineral water and other straight drinking water containers. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, safety, hygiene and wide application, and is suitable for various households and office places such as a company, a commercial, a factory, a dormitory, a construction site and a living room.

Transportation and storage:

Avoid moisture and pollution when transporting. Take care to avoid damage to the product. This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, and should not be stacked with flammable and corrosive materials.

Logo and packaging:

Packed in blister trays. Each pump should be affixed with a nameplate at an appropriate and obvious location. The nameplate should have the corresponding model, manufacturer’s name, and main technical parameters (such as voltage, current, etc.).

Model Voltage Water Flow Max Pressure Self Priming Product Color Material Weight Dimensions
TB-1 3.7 VDC 1.7  L/Min N/A ≥ 2.0 M White / Black / Blue Food grade silicone 0.5 KG 232 × 180 × 80 MM
TB-1.8 3.7 VDC 2.0 L/Min N/A ≥ 2.0 M White Food grade silicone 0.5 KG 222 × 165 × 84 MM
TB-1.8-1 3.7 VDC 1.9 L/Min N/A ≥ 2.0 M White Food grade silicone 0.5 KG 222 × 150 × 84 MM
TB-1.8W 3.7 VDC 1.1  L/Min 0.06 MPa ≥ 2.0 M White Food grade silicone 0.5 KG 165 × 112 × 84 MM

TB-1.8-1 Dimensions

TB-1.8W Dimensions

TB-1.8 Dimensions

TB-1 Dimensions