Project Description

Miniature Magnetic Electric Series Pump

Main Applications:

This product is mainly suitable for household appliances (water dispensers, electric kettles, tea sets, champagne machines, coke machines, wine machines, coffee machines, beer machines, juice machines, milk machines, soya-bean milk machines, dishwashers, etc.), medical devices. Equipment, electrical equipment cooling (computers, lasers, electronic components, etc.), beauty and hairdressing equipment, water treatment equipment, purification equipment, filters, ships, yachts, desalination, vehicles, bathing, toilets, sanitation, environmental protection, printing, etc. .

Transportation and storage:

Avoid moisture and pollution when transporting. Take care to avoid damage to the product. This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, and should not be stacked with flammable and corrosive materials.

Logo and packaging:

Packed in blister trays. Each pump should be affixed with a nameplate at an appropriate and obvious location. The nameplate should have the corresponding model, manufacturer’s name, and main technical parameters (such as voltage, current, etc.).

Model Voltage Max No-Load Current Ports Self Priming Water Flow Work Current Noise(Working Status) Dimensions Ambient Remark
CLB2-1 12/24 VDC ≤ 0.50 A φ 8 MM ≥ 1.3 M ≥ 3.0 L/Min ≦ 0.80 A ≤ 65 dB 87 x 40 x 55 MM 4~60℃ Prefilter is required
QCL2-1 12/24 VDC ≤ 0.50 A φ 8 MM ≥ 1.3 M ≥ 3.2 L/Min ≦ 0.80 A ≤ 65 dB 80 x 40 x 58 MM 4~60℃ Immersible Pump,Prefilter is required

CLB2-1 Characteristic Performance Curve

CLB2-1 Installation Dimensions

QCL2-1 Characteristic Performance Curve

QCL2-1 Installation Dimensions